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Our goal is to provide quality apps without any data collection

We do not use analytics or collect any data from within our apps. Your data is safe and private. How many other developers can make that claim!

We are passionate IOS developers creating the best IOS apps for our own needs that we hope others will find just as useful, because we love to be organized in life, sports & music 🙃

It's simple really... if we were using another app rather than our own, we would stop developing it, after all, what's the point! So be assured, we truly believe that for the specific functions our apps cover, there are no other apps better than ours!

If you love any of our apps, we'd really appreciate your App Store review. We won't nag you for a review from within our apps!

Our Quality Private Apps - Available on the App Store

All-Play-All Tourney Manager

Round robin tournament generator with schedules for singles, doubles and team events. Knockout tournament manager for single elimination and consolation bracket tournaments.

MatchUp Tennis & Pickleball

Match generator for social doubles, round robin and team challenge events. Great for all racquet sports.

GigBag Pro for Musicians

GigBag is a complete solution for the Gigging musician. It provides a real-world tool to keep track of gear, songs/set-lists, venues, and gigs.

All these items are linked by relationships. i.e. A Gig will have associated with it the date, time, venue, number of gear items (with checked-in status), number of songs and sets.

GigBag is simple and intuitive, with a rich “Home” screen to springboard to different areas of the App.

These main 4 areas are;-

  • LIBRARY: The database of all Gigs, Venues, Songs, Contacts, and Gear items

  • PREP: The launch button to setup your Gig (select gear items and songs to take)

  • GO LIVE!: Live actions for on-the-day - e.g. Gear checklist and Song Setlist

  • REPORTS: Sophisticated reports for every single field/element, all fully customised by the musician.

GigBag Song Setlist Manager

  • All your songs in your pocket. Select from your song library to create a setlist for your next Gig.

  • •Autoscroll text, with zoom, delay, & speed adjustments

  • •Visual metronome.

  • •Prompts for each song

  • •Gig Profiles;- saves each song/setlist setup in multiple profiles/Gigs

  • •Easy song setup with search for song lyrics/chords online

  • •Group songs by Artist, Style (user defined) and a..z

  • •Drag drop song order and create/move between sets

  • •Advanced “Duration Wizard” to calculate total Gig time including time between sets and songs

  • (Free demo 5 items, single in-app purchase for unlimited)

GigBag Gear Checklist Manager

  • Your complete Gear database in your pocket; with full reporting. The big stuff, the small stuff, it all needs to be there on the night. Make sure your next Gig is 100% ready with GigBag’s easy checklist functions

  • •Multiple Gig Profiles track/save checked in/out status for various scenarios/Gigs without repeat setting up

  • •Filter remaining items, reset to repeat (Check-OUT check-IN)

  • •Many color profiles

  • •Category groupings and item search.

  • •iCloud sync across devices logged into your account

  • •Full reporting of all items

  • •Lost /stolen item? Quickly share custom single item report to get the word out

  • (Free demo 5 items, single in-app purchase for unlimited)

Merge Calendars Pro

For ALL of your Calendars, Contacts, Birthdays, Anniversaries & Reminders. Bring them all together into one managed “Merged” view, as a timeline with countdown.

Search, filter, edit, or create items quickly and easily in one App.

Simply Birthdays Reminder Icon with link to App Store

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Simply Birthdays Reminder

Never forget another birthday! Notification alert and badge reminder of birthday. Countdown of days to go. Direct from your Contacts.

  • Full Contacts Editor

  • Star sign traits

  • The day of the week you were born on

  • Birthstone